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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> thursday night the big story on "action news" tonight is the continuing search for the pilot of a small plane. the single engine plane crashed into the ocean 7 miles southeast of atlantic city
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shortly before 3:00 this afternoon and the plane was from michigan bound for atlantic city and "action news" reporter sdal at the coastguard station atlantic city tonight. >> "action news" identified pilot mike ol moore oral surge gone gay lord michigan he was the only person on board the single engine airplane tonight a search and recovery effort continues that hour. >> a coastguard helicopter was on route to the crash site. it's in the atlantic city ocea ocean. >> there was debris on scene how much debris or what was on scene i cannot speak of. >> faa says single engine moody 220 crashed 2:45 in the ocean and plane departed gaylord michigan and headed to atlantic city interests nagal airport when something went terribly wrong. four coastguard vessel, noah ship and new jersey state
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police and others were actively at the site with any sign of the pilot hoping to rescue him. >> any time the sun goes down it's hard to see things. we have a lot of assets on scene right now. >> "action news" learned plane left gaylord noon and was supposed to land at atlantic city international 2:558 cor cording to flight aware. the moody m 20 never made it and instead authorities tracked debris believed to have come from single engine crash and waters near atlantic city. >> what's the water like choppy now or is that affect the search. >> the water now is not bad 2 to 3 feet swell but as far as sea conditions it's not that bad. >> so the search continues tonight. by the way dr. michael moore was recognized by faa as certified pilot and included in the prestigious airmen certification database. at the coastguard station in atlantic city, i'm dann cuella cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> and thank you dann. the steady rain is lingering look a guest who won't leave.
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it's continuing to present a flood threat in parts of the area. the downpours swamped streets in philadelphia early tonight and making trolleys math along girard avenue and treacherous and despite being named ford road this driver will not -- meteorologist sct tracking it all with double scan radar. cecily there's a concern until midnight tonight. >> that's exactly right especially goingster county. one batch of rain essentially has been sitting right over the heart of delaware valley for the better part of past four hours and the heaviest rain falling over gloingter county between 295 and new jersey turnpike and we have had reports we can show this on double scan live some of the local storm reports 295 flooding between exit 14 and 11 southbound lanes and center
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lane and left lane closed due to flooding and this cell is really just sitting here no clouds to ground lightning strikes and problem is all the rain. philadelphia has received 3" of rain so far today. considering august the entire month less than an inch. we had three times entire month woman of rain for august and just one day's time and even more near gibbs town about 5" of rain so we do have that flash flood warning continuing through midnight for large portion of gloucester down they and also southwestern philadelphia county southeastern delaware cont i and i'll talk more about the rain and when this rains out and talked about the weekend tracking wet weather in the full accuweather forecast, jim. >> thank you it's all about preparation for the pope's arrival the secret service produced this animation flying through streets of center city philadelphia to give residents an idea of what the security measures will look like. you'll notice that most of the fenced off areas are done with
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bicycle barricades. they're low. secure ticketed areas will have higher fencing and 22 entry points with electronic scree screening and metal detector stations. >> but there is new fly in the ointment for people who live within the secure vehicle perimeter they now have to hoof their cars off the street 6 p.m. the sunday before pope comes and/or else those car will be towed. >>1500 free parking spots will be made available at the vaival hospital and 16 garages within restriktd area have another 2,000 spots and those spots westbound reserved in advance for $0. >> for people who live closest to parkway whereas many as a million people can gather sunday tonight was opportunity to vent some of their frustrations and get questions answered. and "action news" reporter sharee williams was right ther
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there. >>p hands quickly went up as residents -- >> why do i have to pay $0. >> after resident. >> i notice there's no security entrance. >> asked questions or expressed concerns about how their lives will be impacted by the pope's visit. >> the biggest concern is especially having a young child is the at of people that will be here and kind of getting a round the city. >> the logan square neighborhood association hosted this informational meeting at the basilica and all these residents live a long or near tractor-trailer bep franklin parkway prime location of where pope francis will. >> a lot of us want to have a helmy good approach. it's go for the is it they the pope is coming here and a lot of people want to be exited and logistics has been a nightmare. >> parking and walking and going were mopping the discussions. >> fruingt races boiled over at times. >> representatives from the mayor's office and secret service took questions and heat
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at times. >> and even the head of world meeting of families himself was in a tend answer. some left dispointed by what they heard while others were more optimistic. >> i thought they did a good job answering questions and it's actual lay leaf associated a few stresses i was having. >> communication is great now but it's -- it keeps changing and until now it's klors and maybe getting real story but all those other story and fear amongerring everything else that happened before then was not necessary. >> city leaders were short owe offer more resources to resident attendance tonight pointing them to web sites that are available with more information there and even offering some one-on-one meet fingz necessary. at the basilica sharee williams, "channel 6 action news." >> and details of the new parking restrictions are posted on our web site tonight and remember we have an entire section devoted to papal
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coverage on update around the clock with latest information. >> and we have update tonight on the puppy they are calling duffy that was found inside a duffle fwhaing chester. veterinarians at the dell tell copty spca discovered the 16 week old pit bull has dog virus known as pervo it's a life-threatening condition and animal care workers suspect it could be the reason someone dumped the puppy in the park yesterday. >> not only is it sin but it's a crime it's punishable under dog law in finance and we want foam know this should not be a last resort not an option at all. >> they say instead the spca and other shelters will takeover the care of adoptable pet if you can no longer afford it yourself. >> spca says duffy round the clock care will cost between 3
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and 5,000 and they're asking for donations. >> and in philadelphia, delvin bhoornz kidnapped a woman from germantown last november pleaded guilty today. he now faces 35 years behind bars. and barnes was captured on surveillance video grabbing carlesha freeland gaither and shoving her into a truck. he then drove to maryland where fbi arrested him and freed gaither. barns will be sentenced in january. still to come tonight he is out of here. and the fans say it is been a long time in coming and tonight phillies executives explain why today what the day to dismiss reuben amaro as general manager and remains of the day clues about the human family tree discovered deep inside a cave. cecily. >> torrential rain cop toynz nal gloucester coypt and continued flash flooding we'll dry out tomorrow. don't get used to. it on the way for the weekend in the accuweather forecast. >> i'm nydia han.
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should a company honor advertising miss take a local military family trying to get dog home perfect korea hopes airline and price line would do that in the end they needed help from the "action news" troubleshooters. >> and plus avoid bill shock. we'll let you know how much peco is going raise rates, your rates with "action news" peco is going raise rates, your rates with "action news" continues tonight.
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>> the senate of the united states approved a nuclear deal with iran. a vote to dace proof the agreement with iran fell two votes short of the 60 strots needed. and that means president obama can begin to implement the deal. the house is reaching for last minute measures to scuttle at agreement and today's action in the senate all but guarantees obama is free to scale back sanctions against iran. >> tomorrow is the 14th an vrpy of 9/11 and today in shankville pennsylvania they dedicated new visitor center for flight 9
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national memorial and this is where passengers on board united air lines refused to let high yackers takeover the plane and brought to down. all 40 passengers and crew and four hijackers killed members of philadelphia's neighborhood town watch and civic association satisfactory side time tonight to honor men and women that served and prone tekted their community. the association presented officers from the second district with a plaque recognizing their dedication to the community. >> a local family turns to "action news" troubleshooters to hope this get military family overseas home. the airline cancelled the pric ticket on price line because the fare was a miss take nydia han gets to the bottom of this.
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>> the rufers have not seen dad for six months. he's supposed to come home for leave this summer thanks in part to low airline fare his wife found on pis line. >> since i gotta proved i hopped on. >> she thought it was a great sale price. >> round trip non stop south korea too east coast $370. after she bought the ticket she called to make sure fare was not a mistake. >> good to go. price is gtic set good and i called korean air the air lien it was through they said same thing good to go. wow, he did get a great price. >> eight days later her husband got this email. ticket has been cancelled due to mistake in fare filed in the reservation system world span. >> he sent me a screen shot of email and i started write crying and i called him and we were both crying on the phone and it was horrible. >> just this past may the
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department of transportation announce aid new temporary policy that it will not pursue action against airlines or companies for not honoring mistaken fare. >> devastated why don't you want to help get military soldier home to his family. >> to buy that same ticket now they would have to pay $1850. she contacted price line and korean air again and says she was told she would only get a refund of $370 she paid. the rest was up to her. then she called opt "action news" troubleshooters. i contacted korean air and price line. >> price line didn't step up. price line didn't help. >> korean air told me the case was handled by world span technologyp company that handles reser vacation. world span korea apologized with the mistake and after we got involved provided the rufeers deeply discounted ticket $510. >> he ran up to me since i got
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home it was awesome. >> and thanks to the "action news" troubleshooters dad also gets a little extra time at home. >> they did they even worked with us on itinerary moved flight up twelve hours and return flight back a day. so we get about 36 extra hours with him which doesn't seem like a lot but in a whole year it's a lot. >> we're happy to help bring one of our military folks home. when i asked price line for policy on mistaken fares a spokesperson told me only that she's glad this issue was resolved. the fed will issue a final rule next april. nydia han, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you nydia. peco says it will raise rates next year. electric company came to settlement under the the terms energy delivery rates are set to increase less than 4% beginning january 1. peco says for the typical residential customer using 700
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kilowatt hours that will cost an extra $4.17 a month and the hike will again rat 127 million up to grade infrastructure equipment and enhance customer service and provide programs for low income customers. >> and the philadelphia tribune has unveiled annual list of city's most influential african americans and this yea year's announcement took place at the pennsylvania convention center tonight and the list includes elected officials and community ak visits and labor leaders and business people and educators. the tribune is nation's oldest newspaper serving african-american community. >> and philadelphia activist sister mary scullian i issued a call for action in connection with the pope visit. she was executive director of project home called on the community to help fight hunger and as part of the effort member's of the political and business communities sat down to a meal tonight with those
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that face hunger on daily basis to share conversation and change ideas. >> well today was quite a day of scientific discoveryes two announcements are changing the way we might think about the human family free and dwarf planet mrout owech the fossil found in south africa is said to be previously unknown relative of humans. these1500 bones were found deep in a cave outside johannesburg. they are not able to tell how old they are but came from excel tops of 15 individuals and could indicate it was used as burial ground. they're calling species home owe malady scientists say with a traits human like and some more primitive and ape like it doesn't appear a direct ancestor but maybe a distance relative of modern man. >> this new close-up photograph of pluto is beeped back across
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the solar system from new horizon space craft. it's be willederring astro physicist tonight the most detailed imalways of icy dwarf planet have a more complex surface than thought and they're calling one section chaos region. they found mountains, valleys, craters, frozen plains, nitro again ice flows and possible dunes. pluto is as complex as mars. and of course we know how complex mars can be. >> it's amazing those images too. >> and talk about beaming photographs on cellphone. how about three billion miles. >> that's unbelievable. >> yes extraordinary. >> i was talk the other other night we had rainfall deficit 3.5" august 4 and we made up for it now. 4" already.
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stormtracker 6 saying we have a patch of heavy rain over philadelphia about 3 hours ago and shifted over gloingt ter county and it's just sitting there right over the new jersey turnpike and mantua, woodbury, 295 and approaching atlantic city expressway and we had more than 5" of rain and part of this area so flash flood warning continues until midnight for a large section of gloucester county also including south western philadelphia county and southeastern delaware county and really the big concern is over gloucester county. the good news is this time night a lot of people are not traveling so the nrosh flooding on roads would not be as big as i concern as if it happened during a commute. rainfall totals philadelphia 4.31" of rain and this j just updated more than 4 time the rain we had entire month of august and wynona gloucester younty 4" and prospect park 4.5" and graterford 3.5" and
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valley forge report about 3" of rain. we got the rain we needed and it came fast and furious. right now temperatures generally in 70s and 60s and philadelphia 71 and millville 73 and allentown and reading 67 degrees and the poconos definitely cooling off with temperatures of 61. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that cold front is just to the east coast and that low pressure moved up to the north and most viewing area is dry out. we have one finger right over us. but out to the west not a lot of additional precipitation. so that cell will shrink in the overnight hours and tomorrow morning you wake up the rain is out of here and we'll still have lingering moisture in the form of clouds. 7:00, partly to mostly cloudy skies and then as we head through the day we get winds out of northwest. that's drier flow of air humidity may drop substantially and look that 4:00 sunshine is back. so the weather really improving as we head through the day. 84 degrees high, low humidity
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by late in the the afternoon and little bet breeze. it will be comfortable with lot of sunshine for second half of the day. >> don't get used to it though. by saturday another low pressure develops south and that brings us increasing clouds and showers even thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and evening hours and sunday lots of clouds and temperatures on the cool side. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine and dropping humidity, 84. on saturday. and afternoon and evening showers own thunderstorms 8 degrees. take the rain gear to the union game and on sunday lots of clouds and cool with high of 77 degrees and spotty shower possible and rosh hashanah begins sundown and monday feeling like fall. preezy, comfortable, 76 degrees. high fresh newer control and it will warm up to 8 tuesday. wednesday 48 and thursday temperatures 8 degrees above normal 86 degrees so after one day we actually could use some
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drier weather sfwlel all right thank you cecily. >> viewers of this sunday's miss america pageant on channel 6 will hear something they have not heard in five years. a settlement has been treechd allow the iconic song featuring there she she miss america and the song was tied newspaper a legal dispute. meanwhile the pageant 52 hopefuls competed inside boardwalk hall in talent and lifestyle and fitness categories that used to be known as the swimsuit competition and times changed. and host of new show here on channel 6 dropped by the studios today. tyra banks and lauren mack are hosts of fab life. he took pictures and signed auto gravdz and fwawkd their new show fab, stands for fun and beautiful. the show host christie tee began and joe z and lee aashley. fab live premiers monday 2 p.m. aashley. fab live premiers monday 2 p.m. here on channel
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plus get $350 back. hurry, offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios. >> i think we all suspected for some time this would happen and i think we also thought the new manage. would make some kind of gesture and offer reuben amaro some job within the organization. >> that didn't even come up in 15 minute conversation with amaro when they told him he was gone. the fall from greatness was quick. reuben amaro ouster was quick and many say it was not. he has long been part of this organization started as bat boy before playing for the team and assumed gm role of november of 2008 shortly after they won the world siri and they were successful for a few years after that and this team has not made the postseason since
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2011 and this year worst record in all of baseball. team executives admits the public cild for his firing they were a factor. >> i have a responsibility for the franchise, fan's ownership to do what i think is best and get this things back to where it was as quickly as i can. you know, as efficiently as i can. and so that was the basis for my decision. >> and a well-run company, successful companies there's accountability. even though people are making decisions in groups there's still a person who is primarily responsible for that decision and has to be held accountable. so i think we're trying -- rerecognize we had a problem and are trying as fast as we can to get out of the problem and gets to back to winning that's what this is about this decision was about how do we get back to winning son sooner rather than later. >> search for replacement has gun. tonight phils cubs game rained out we'll talk about a double tonight phils cubs game rained out we'll talk about a double header tomorrow after the brea
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>> eagles and falcons monday night in opener lots after tension in placed on sam bradford. don't sleep on ooinglees running back. three backs start on the teams. demarco murry led and sproles is impossible to cover and ryan matthews is very tough runner, chip has a lot to play with. >> they're rally good football players and have -- they can run, catch, pickup and pass protection. that's what we always want in a running back. >> we all bring something different to the table so it will be hard for owe bone tonts key in and work on one guy. that's our advantage. >> we're teaming one phl17 to bring you complete coverage of the opener pregame show starts 6:30 and game at 7. >> finally tonight fantasy
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football draft was last night and i feel sheepish admittingty did it here at work. apparently i'm not the only one during malcolm jenkins press conference today. >> hi, here we go. one second i have to make a fantasy quick right quick. sorry. >> who are you picking? >> adrian peterson. >> best overall. >> draft started i cannot do it. >> i have the first pick. >> when you're infancy draft -- >> are new good shape. >> decent shape. >> we shall see. >> jimmy kim -- "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". for the entire "action news" followed by "nightline". for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, johnny depp -- from "the visit," kathryn hahn -- and music from mutemath. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody.


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